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Susan and Bruce McClenathan

posted Aug 13, 2011, 6:13 PM by Francis Davish   [ updated Jun 19, 2012, 1:42 PM ]
We chose Castlemar Construction Inc., owned and operated by Fran Davish, to build our waterfront house on the north side of 17th Street in Ocean City after visiting with several builders in Ocean City.   We were not disappointed with our decision. 

Castlemar staff had taken us through many examples of their final work product homes, including a lagoon front home on the south side of  17th Street that was very similar to what we were looking for in our home.  This home was a great example of what we might expect as a final product since it was actually the builder’s personal home.  We believe that our home is built to the same level of quality and care that was put into the builder’s own home. 

The similarity between these two 17th Street homes allowed us to gauge the quality of work that we might expect from Castlemar.  During the building process, we were in constant contact with Castlemar personnel.  The Castlemar staff was always ready, willing and able to meet with us to discuss the construction progress as well as assist us in the decision-making process.  They readily accommodated our “intrusive” involvement in the building process as we were at the job site at least twice per week throughout.  In addition to having a personable and cooperative staff, the subcontractors used by Castlemar were all very professional and supportive of us as owners.  More than once they were able to offer suggestions during the project that enhanced the end product. 

It was a pleasure working with Fran Davish and his entire staff through the process.  We could not be more pleased with our experience.